Adina C. and Elena D.

Adina C. (22) and Elena D. (23), both Romanian nationals, were arrested by Gardaí in their apartment in Cavan on 22 September 2012. The court heard that Elena D., who it was said was suffering financially and awaiting money to [...]


Flor Yeni M. H. and Jose H.

Flor Yeni M.H. (42), a Spanish national, and Jose H. (44), a Brazilian national, were arrested in a raid on a house in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal on 22 October 2012. Both were described as prostitutes. Jose H. was described as [...]


Bianca D.

Bianca D. (22), a Romanian national, and two other women (Elizabeta L. and Loiza H.) were charged with managing a brothel at an address in Dundalk, Co. Louth in 2011. Further updates on Elizabeta L. and Loiza H. were not [...]


Ioana R.

The court heard Ioana R. (28), a Romanian national, was caught operating as a prostitute from an apartment in Cork on 8 December 2011. She pleaded guilty. Her solicitor told the court she previously worked as a cleaner in Romania [...]


Clementina O. F.

Clementina O. F. (28), a Nigerian national, was arrested alongside another woman at a house in Middleton, Co. Cork on a date in July 2011 and taken to a Garda Station, where she admitted the offence of brothel keeping. The [...]


Daniela P.

Daniela P. (24), a Romanian national, admitted keeping a brothel at an apartment in Sligo in 2011 after being visited by an undercover Garda. She was described as a single mother of a three year old who had been living [...]


Silvia S. and Simona B.

Simona B. (30) and Silvia S. (31), both Slovakian nationals, pleaded guilty to brothel-keeping in a self-catering cottage adjoining a Killarney hotel on a date in May 2011. The court heard the women were "self employed", there was no question [...]


Xavier S. V.

Xavier S. V. (32), an Ecuadorian national with a Spanish passport, pleaded guilty to brothel keeping at an address in Cavan town on June 10 2011. Gardaí had searched his apartment and found him entertaining a male companion, who admitted [...]


Andreea T.

Andreea T. (22), a Romanian national, pleaded guilty to brothel keeping in Sligo on 13 September 2010. The court heard that surveillance on an apartment in Sligo was carried out by Gardaí over a number of days. Men were observed [...]


Mariya H.

Mariya H. (38), a Ukrainian national, pleaded guilty to brothel keeping at an apartment in Carrick-on-Shannon in December 2010. The court heard she was contacted by an undercover Garda who she brought back to her apartment and was then arrested. [...]

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