Ann Kelly B. D. O. (32), a Brazilian national, was charged with keeping a brothel at her an address in Cavan on 30 September 2011. Her activity was described as a “cottage” industry. A Garda witness said on entering the apartment they met Ann Kelly B. D. O, she was cautioned and freely admitted that she had been engaged in sexual activity for payment. Her solicitor said that any money she earned was sent home to her family in Brazil. She was returning to Brazil in December. When the judge indicated that he would fine Ann Kelly B. D. O. €1,000 and give her time to pay, her solicitor pointed out that she wasn’t the main person involved. However, the Garda witness stated that Ann Kelly B. D. O. was advertising the activity herself. The judge reduced the fine to €750 and allowed her one month to pay.


Anglo-Celt, 20-10-2011