Andrea M. H., Florea M., Maria V. and Miheala N.

Maria V., Miheala N., Andrea M.H. and Florea M. all pleaded guilty to knowingly permitting a premises to be used as a brothel. The court heard they were arrested in two different apartments following an investigation into prostitution in Letterkenny. [...]


Monica C.

Monica C. (34), a Romanian national, was accused of operating a brothel, alongside Ioan B., at an address in Galway on 12 February 2012 and remanded in custody upon Garda request. Monica C. pleaded guilty. At a later court date [...]


Elena B. and Milena H.

Elena B. (33) and Milena H. (39) were arrested at a premises in Cavan on 4 October 2012. A Garda told the court both ladies had only been at the property a couple of days and admitted it was a [...]


Flor Yeni M. H. and Jose H.

Flor Yeni M.H. (42), a Spanish national, and Jose H. (44), a Brazilian national, were arrested in a raid on a house in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal on 22 October 2012. Both were described as prostitutes. Jose H. was described as [...]


Daniela P.

Daniela P. (24), a Romanian national, admitted keeping a brothel at an apartment in Sligo in 2011 after being visited by an undercover Garda. She was described as a single mother of a three year old who had been living [...]


Madalina B. and Veronica B.

Madalina B. (20) and Veronica B. (28), both Romanian nationals, were arrested for brothel keeping in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal on 7 December 2011, charged and brought before the court. The court heard, during the raid, mobile phones, laptops, condoms and [...]


Claudio A. C., Dulce G. G. and Vanessa T. A.

Claudio A. C. (40), Dulce G. G. and Vanessa T. A. (23) pleaded guilty to operating a brothel in Cork on 12 March 2010 through an interpreter. The judge refused an application for legal aid but said the women could [...]


Florentina P.

Florentina P. (35), a Romanian national, pleaded guilty to running a brothel in Monaghan on 15 February 2010. A Garda told the court that GardaĆ­ raided her apartment and seized a number of items they believed were involved in the [...]


Mariya H.

Mariya H. (38), a Ukrainian national, pleaded guilty to brothel keeping at an apartment in Carrick-on-Shannon in December 2010. The court heard she was contacted by an undercover Garda who she brought back to her apartment and was then arrested. [...]

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